Births, Marriages and Deaths

Posted on Mon 10 January 2005 in general

What an entertaining weekend! After a little retail therapy on Friday and getting my hair cropped I headed into town for a few drinks to see Toby off. We discussed various festivals including The Big Chill which I'm thinking of attending instead of Glastonbury, especially as its a smaller event.

Mark and Helen's wedding was very swish. Although hosted in the spiritual home of UK LARP (a topic banned on pain of withering looks from Helen) it has now been renovated into a rather swish themed hotel. The usual superlatives apply: the bride looked stunning, the groom was well oiled, and the music was cheesy (much air guitar was enjoyed).

One minor wrinkle was in the pursuit of single brides maids of which I suffered from poor intelligence. Hopefully the husband will forgive me at some point although in my defence I'd say she was a willing participant in our "dirty dancing". However on the plus side several people mentioned I'd lost weight and looked good, which was all encouraging, not that I care about my appearance of course ;-)

The wedding also saw a chance to catch up with a bunch of the FoF lot. I was a little apprehensive about it at first, but it appears time is a pretty good healer (and probably applies the right amount of perspective to pretty silly differences). I suspect Glyn's death also helped in reminding people we have more in common than what divided us. I'll probably be going along to their March meeting and catching up with the rest of them and re-living my LARPing youth.

So all in all another excellent weekend, and a nice lead in to my final 4 day week at the current job.