Posted on Fri 14 January 2005 in general

Today I have been taking advantage of my one day off by getting up earlier than normal and heading into town. I had to pick up a few things such as a Metro pass and some super glue. I took the opportunity to do some phone shopping while I was there.

T-Mobile have managed to piss me off so armed with my PAC code I headed into town to see what I could get. The experience has not increased my faith in the British Retail....

Phones 4U

The best of the bunch. An enthusiastic and helpful member of staff listened to my requirements (Bluetooth/IR/Data capable phone, Any Time/Network Tariff, minimal free texts) and then proceeded to offer a good tariff with a free phone and (eventually) free Bluetooth Headset. He did lay it on a bit thick to try and get me to sign on then and there but certainly friendly and attentive.


The women didn't seem to care, listed there best tariff (which was worse than I'd already been offered) and showed no interest in sweetening the deal.


Had a reasonable deal, but I disliked the approach of sign up at the high tariff (but 1/2 price for 6 months) and then switch after 6 months. Also the lady was basically just pointing me at the brochure (I was after the value add of telling someone what I want and having them suggest options). She also failed to spell Bluetooth correctly which didn't improve my confidence. If I had to guess she was a clubbing casualty.

Orange and Carphone Warehouse

Both so busy no members of staff where available.


To be fair to T-Mobile I thought I'd go into the shop. I explained my situation and the fact I hadn't had an upgrade since I started with them some 4 years ago. The lady was very nice and pointed out she could get me a better deal with a brand new contract (thus losing my number) than through an upgrade. She agreed that was a little silly seeing as I can keep my number if I switch to a new contract on any other network (thank you Ofcom ;-). When she phoned up T-Mobile to find out my upgrade allowance it came back as ?79, which basically meant they could only offer me the lower end of phones. Considering I hadn't ever upgraded with T-Mobile I was shocked, talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

In the end I didn't sign up today as I only had phone bills and they needed a utility bill. However next week I'll be starting in town so I can pop down during my lunch hour. Unless anyone knows of any good 'net deals?

So now its time to pack my SoS kit and head out for some LARP action. Its been a while but I feel up to hitting things tonight ;-)