Fun Anyone?

Posted on Mon 17 January 2005 in general

I must of been a little apprehensive that I wouldn't enjoy the LARP weekend after my few months hiatus. I had written "Fun?" as the last item on Fridays To Do list. In the event I had a great time including flexing my military control during the dungeon (someone has to keep shouting at people to hold formation). I also played Mallory during tavern having fun at the expense of others (in a playful way of course) which was highly entertaining. In fact I managed a reasonable amount of tavern time on both nights which is most unlike my usual early nights. One of the fun parts about tavern was it involved a lot of PC to PC interaction. I even got to play a Prosecutor in a trial of a suspected heretic and witch, including plenty of "Objection!" and "If it may please the court" dialog. Cheesy but fun to play.

I even managed to get off site by midday so I could get home to a Black Books marathon followed by watching Peacekeeper wars. My ratings don't count of course as the Sky box isn't plugged into the phone box but at least I'm showing willing. Actually it was good to watch a second time because I'm sure I'm picking up more detail this time round.

First day at the new place tomorrow. The guy I'm meeting first has already email-ed me to say it doesn't usually get in until 9.30/45 so I shouldn't be too early. This counters some of my first day nerves ;-)