Day One in the New Company House....

Posted on Mon 17 January 2005 in general

First impressions: definitely a High-Geek company. To give you an idea the after work pub conversation covered such diverse topics as: pixel shader pipelines, Tivo hacking, why ARM assembler is l33t, Oggs on iPods, iMac Mini's compared to Baby-ITX systems. So you see, High-Geek indeed.

My first day was relatively easy. After signing my name 15 times on various non-disclosure and IP agreements (so even in the unlikely event you *wanted* to know what I did I couldn't tell you :-) I spent the rest of the day installing .files
and setting up Firefox quick searches. The New Company also has quite a handy intranet with a people directory (with pictures) as well as a click-able room map which makes the task of remembering everyones names a little easier. I'm already in love with my
work station which is a) appropriately powerful, b) has duel TFT monitors, and c) root access.

Tomorrow I get to munch some code :-D