Science - Good and Bad

Posted on Fri 21 January 2005 in general

last night which was looking at Einstein's later work as he tried to reconcile the uncertainty of Quantum Mechanics with his work on Relativity.
I enjoy "pop science" programs a fair amount because I know enough science to follow what they are talking about but without the pain of having to actually follow and prove the maths myself. Of course you should still do research before you proclaim anything you learn in a 50 minute documentary to be true to all your friends, but it still beats boring lectures.
It was probably watching this higher brow educational material that prejudiced me when I watched the latest Enterprise episode later on in the evening. It was pretty comedic, we spotted the plot pretty early on (exposition being sandwiched between soap opera style sections) and
there were several major violations of physics. Honestly "a subspace node is an area of curved space-time, hence there are no stars". What were they thinking!

I skipped breakfast this morning because I wasn't feeling hungry. I now am. *sigh*