Charles, King of England!

Posted on Mon 24 January 2005 in general

The weekend started with the swift pint after work on Friday turning into a sequence of pints and skipping the planned trip home before meeting up with Lee. This may explain why I could possibly of given the appearance of being drunk.

However Friday night was merely a warm up for Saturday which after a quick jaunt into town to watch Million Dollar Baby with Anne and buy some desert boots saw me heading out of the country for a regimental
banquet. I yet again made the fatal mistake of being involved in a drinking partnership with Bu. However each time we toasted "Charles, King of England!" we became wittier and more urban. The entire table was enamored by our royalist loyalty by the end of the evening. I also had good fun dancing apparently being quite a hit with the ladies. Or
at least thats how I remember it ;-)

I spent most of Sunday morning drinking tea until I was in a fit state to return home and diagnose what was wrong with my PC. Unfortunately my shiny new machine is having problems seeing the LAN. I suspect its probably a dry solder joint on the Eth-Phy but having moved jobs I no longer have access to the sort of lab equipment to diagnose it. I'm waiting on CCL to get back to me with their policy on non-Windows installs on Hard Disks before arranging the warranty fix.