Waaaargh, Oink Nyyaaarrr!

Posted on Tue 25 January 2005 by alex in general

With minimal persuasion I diverted from the Gym to another Monday evening pub experience with my new work colleges. After a lengthy and heated debate about the relative merits of New Battlestar Galactica versus Enterprise it transpired a number of the table had prior experience with href="http://www.warped.man.ac.uk/info.html">Warped. This means there are people in the New Company with the secret and arcane knowledge of Chief Sneaks, The No Pointing Rule and the Thumb Game. I have yet to decide if this is to my advantage or not.

I booted up my system at home to run a final test before shipping of back to base this morning. The network came up straight away. Now I'm sure I ran all the right tests, used known working baselines, checked with different cables and different ports on the hub. My only theory is because I shut the system down last night (an unusual event, my desktop runs 24x7) everything cooled down and whatever was up settled back into place. This would certainly support the dry joint theory but its annoying non the less. Its a good job I double checked though because it saved me lugging the unit into town to get picked up only for CCL to find nothing wrong. I worry about what will happen if it does it again though....

I also entered the Great Manchester Run yesterday. My intention is to beat my time from last year but it seems there are a surprising number of runners in the New Company so I'll probably also
be racing for the company trophy as well. If the weather holds up I may try for a test run in the park at the weekend and actually start my training early this year. According to mum it will be easier than starting from scratch last year although she reckons the first week will still be hard. Time to find that motivation, has anyone seen where I last left it?