A Thousand Deaths are not enough for United

Posted on Thu 27 January 2005 in general

I spent an hour and a half in the freezing cold last night as trams went by packed to the rafters with commuters and football "fans". In the entire time I saw 1 double tram which was also hopelessly overcrowded. Finally 5 minutes before kick off and double tram arrived which was empty (surprisingly) and as I waited for Lee to pick me up for the Wednesday Mealtm I saw another double tram go past. Although you might think my anger is misplaced and I should be chastising Metrolink's poor capacity planning I have enough invective stored up about United anyway it makes me feel better to abuse them.

TJ's meal was very nice. As were the multiple bottles of wine we quaffed. This went a long way to making sure my rage had subsided by the time I retired for the evening :-)