The Teacher

Posted on Wed 02 February 2005 in general

Last night I felt in an educational mood of which Andy was the principle benfactor*. I taught him the quick and easy Carbonara recipie I cook a lot. He has promised** to cook the meal for myself and Karen on Thursday as a form of practice***.

We also exchanged tips and tricks on making better use of Firefox including my personal favorite of Smart Keywords which are indispensable if you search several sites. I also tried to find the Sage RSS extension but had forgotten the name of it at the time. Its integration into Firefox seems a lot more natural than an external RSS program although I do miss the quick summary highlighting of Liferea. Maybe need to investigate the extension dev stuff at some point. We also discussed the art process so I've pointed him at Inkscape (and by ESP its cousin Sodipodi) which may offer better integration of bitmap and vector art so he doesn't have to keep switching packages. However Andy's got more graphics experience so I'll leave it for him to comment if they are useful or not.

*He may see it differently
**Promised may be too strong a word, maybe more railroaded?
***Or penance?