Moral Indignation?

Posted on Thu 03 February 2005 in general

I'm about 2 acts into Jerry Springer, the Opera so far having been watching it on my PC. I downloaded it as I missed the BBC2 showing and the moral outrage means a repeat on the BBC in unlikely. I must say given I'm not an opera fan I've enjoyed it so far. There is a fair amount of swearing but its all part of the scene setting (and for people to count each chorus member seems a little bit like twisting the facts to your own ends). If it comes to Manchester during its UK tour I could well be tempted to go along and see it live. They would have to make their web-site a little more accessible first so I could tell when that might be.

While we are on the subject of Moral Outragetm it looks like Sun have finally qualified their statements on their patent pledge. I think it was a little rich for them to mock IBM for their license agnostic patent pledge although it should be noted its only a small fraction of their portfolio and of course due to timing not applicable to CDDL licensed code. What annoys me about Sun is the fact they have made significant contributions to the FOSS community but they still don't seem to "get it" treating Open Source developers as free labor rather than working with the existing "community". Still I could be wrong, we shall see how far OpenSolaris gets once their is some real code rather than the current flood of press releases.