Posted on Sat 05 February 2005 in general

Last night was enjoyable (if a little hard on the liver). I was due to meet Sam for a few after work drinks. Due to a combination of factors (I shall avoid yet another T-Mobile rant for the time being) I arrived at the bar to find a bunch of his work colleges and not him. Luckily his work colleges where very friendly and much better looking so I spent time chatting with them. Sam finally showed up after we'd called him a poof on the phone and we headed down to FAB which was a lot less crowded given they now charge to let people in. I didn't stay out too late as I was due to be in town at 10 this morning to go shopping with Phil. It turns out however Phil's self-control is less refined than mine so I'm heading in later to catch up with TJ with Phil possibly following on should he feel human later in the day. To the clothes shops ahoy!