Heavy Strings

Posted on Mon 07 February 2005 in general

After a weekend of shopping last night was the Rammstien gig at the MEN. Not being relegated to the gods this time was a lot better. The way the band where staged you could see quite well from a 3rd of the way back in the "pit". I've never seen Rammstien before (indeed I don't have any albums and only know a few tracks from clubbing) but I really enjoyed the show. Its not as much about the music (which kinda blurs into one loud pulsing head throb) as the theater. A range of impressive pyrotechnic apparatus was wheeled out over the evening, including devices attached to the band members themselves. There was even a rubber dingy.

Special mention should go to the support band Apocalyptica who are a 4 piece string quartet with drums. They managed to swing from covers of various Metallica songs to finishing on an excellent version of Grieg's "Hall of the Mountain King". I'm pretty convinced the bass of the Cello's physically moved my body more than the main event. 'twas cool ;-)