Currying Favor

Posted on Thu 10 February 2005 in general

Last night I stepped into the breach filling in for Lee's Wednesday Mealtm as he is currently infectious. One of my work colleges gave me a quick recipe for a curry dish loosely based on this one. It was the first time I've made a curry from scratch so I was quite happy with the result. I shall have to add it to my repertoire and make more of a conscious effort to cook a wider variety of food during the week. Andy also made a decent wine discovery of Tesco's Californian Cabernet Sauvignon which was on offer of 3 for a tenner. I was initially sceptical as the bottle has a screw top but it turned out to be a very acceptable quaffing wine. I'm also feeling fine this morning which flew in the face of TJ's theory on organic wines and the relative hangovers they generate. Still I'm sure its an area that could stand more study :-)