Shrove Tuesday, Remixed.

Posted on Sat 12 February 2005 in general

Last night was an entertaining catch up in the presence of icklejo which quickly expanded into a flash mob. A most enjoyable and agreeable evening was had by all with the general consesus being I made a good tosser (of pancakes of course!).

My brother eventually turned up in his usual display of serendipity. He saved me the cost of his bus fare by blagging a lift from one of his mates who happened to be going to Manchester last night. He even got free food out of his lifts parents the scamp :-) He is now in the process of preparing the dining room for its final decorative blitz. Once its decorated I'm planning a stack load of shelving and hopefully we shall have another room in the house again!

Nothing much else to report apart from the training schedule (as documented here) continues with yet another landmark of me running first thing this morning. Will wonders never cease? We shall see if I get through my list of things to do today and relax to a quite evening watching a DVD or some such thing.