Nice Weather for Polar Bears

Posted on Thu 24 February 2005 in general

As the 6 day gap in my training record shows the recent inclement weather has been interfering with my preparations for the Great Manchester Run. Luckily one of my work colleges has just joined one of the central Manchester gyms and so I got hold of a 7 day trial pass. I went for a 5km run expecting it to be easier than normal being on a treadmill. I was a little disappointed with myself falling back to a walk after a mile and a half. I completed the rest of the run in intervals (walk a bit, run a bit, repeat). I'm not sure if it was just the relentless pace of treadmill or its harder to play the mental game while starting at the same piece of wall. Or maybe it was because I was wearing the wrong shoes again?

I did have a quick spin in their pool although it Blue arty lighting and shorter length did make me wonder what the point was. I'm not sure I actually need to join a gym given (in theory) I shall be running up until at least May and I also play badminton with work. After the run I'd like to try some yoga and I'm assuming lesson fees will be nowhere near the monthly cost of a gym membership.

One positive note, I weighed myself today on the gym scales and I came in at around 11st 4lbs which is the lightest I have been for a long time. I guess I can believe the people that have said I've lost some weight :-)