Mmmmm Pie

Posted on Sun 27 February 2005 in general

This weekend has involved a mixture of flirting, whipping, supporting, and eating.

Friday night started with me heading out with my work colleges for "just the one" which evolved into my mentors girlfriends birthday. She brought a friend from work who I spent a pleasant hour or so chatting to. Well I say chatting, it was more like 20 questions so we now know a lot about each other. By the time they headed off to Kro2 I sacked any idea of going home before Ara so I picked up some beers and headed on down in blue jeans and (luckily) black t-shirt. I still felt a little self conscious on the dance floor as I looked so out of place. I didn't dance that much and aside from the whipping I also helped out on front of house duties and got to know some of the organisers better. Anne, obviously having a sober weekend, had her car with her so I didn't put people through the 3 mile hike to get a taxi this time.

Saturday had me running about to get the ingredients for the Pie and also a DivX capable DVD player my Dad pointed out. I then headed over to the Armitage to witness Shiela's TKD competition. Unfortunately I was late to actually see Sheila in action but still hung around to watch the Black Belts kick the crap out of each other. I then headed back to start cooking the pie for the party later.

Sarah's party was an entertaining affair. I think I did reasonably well in trying to remember the names and faces of the Leeds crowd. There was an interesting array of pies to sample including some innovative ones as well as creations that stretched the definition of pie. My Chicken Pie seemed to be well received which will please my mum to who is the world expert on giving me simple recipes that make me look like good cook ;-) The original plan had been to crash in Leeds however beds where in scarce supply and Anne (still being sober) offered to drive us back in my car. I think she enjoyed it and hopefully I wasn't too much of a passenger seat driver. We crashed at Lee's (being closer and where Anne's car was) and finally got to sleep around 4 in the morning.

I finally got round to heading over to Graham's to drop off some SCSI hard drives that have been stored in my cellar for the last 3 or so years. In return I now have a "new" duel processor Sun Sparc 20 workstation which can make use of the 21" Sun CAD monitor that has also been in my cellar for at least 3 years. All I need to do now is dig out the Keyboard from the back of my cellar and I can have a little play with it. assuming the desk its currently set up on doesn't suffer any major structural failures between now and then.

So there you go, quite a busy weekend. I am now retiring to the living room to watch Collateral and while the remaining hours of the weekend away :-)