A Tale of Two (or Three?) Parties

Posted on Mon 07 March 2005 in general

Friday night was a more or less standard post work pub kind of affair.After a few beers with my work colleges I ended up heading down to meet up with Lee and some of his work colleges. For some reason the bouncers in the Revolution Bar didn't think I was properly attired so we where forced to retire to the Salisbury for real beer (what a shame ;-). I eventually ended up in an Irish bar but I only stayed for a while before heading home to a cooler house.

I didn't really achieve much on Saturday apart from getting a replacement for the DVD player I brought last week. Installing it led to me cleaning the entire TV stand which was the only way to unstick the old DVD player. It turns out my TV is also black rather the shade of gray I'd assumed it was.

After a day of domestic activities I headed down (with passengers in tow) to the first of the evenings parties. TJ's Wine and Cheese party was, at least up to the point I left, a respectable affair. I spent a pleasant couple of hours catching up with people and enjoying the cheese. I then headed back to Manchester to make the second engagement of the evening.

The second party was being hosted in the centre of town by one of my new work colleges. It was a nice flat party with a mix of DJ's and interesting cocktails. To my surprise I managed to last until half four in the morning before heading home for a well deserved sleep.

After having a hell of a lie in I spent most of today watching the complete series of Firefly. Lee, Aidan and Mark where in attendance as we sampled an interesting blend of drinks and nibbles. I must say I think the show is great, its such a shame it got cancelled halfway through its first season. The mixture of characters, deeply woven plotting as well as excellent direction really puts staple sci-fi shows like 'trek to shame. I wonder if its possible to fund shows like this differently given so much is at the whims of the networks. I don't think they help.