Domesticity and Broken Records

Posted on Tue 08 March 2005 in general

Jack, my web server was shutdown last night after 274 days of uptime. This was a planned shutdown as I had to fit a new light switch in the kitchen. Proud as I am of the stability of my servers (any Windows users want to claim better uptime?) it didn't seem worth the risk of mains voltage shocks. Still I'm sure it will be good for another year or so.

My analysis of my boiler problems continues. While I have no intention of anything that involves dismantling gas appliances there is no reason why I can't apply scientific reasoning to diagnosing the problem. As far as I can deduce the boiler never fails whilst on full burn, its only when it is in pilot light mode. Examining the pilot flame it seems to be burning a nice pale blue which seems to rule out any deposits building up around the pilot mechanism. My current theory is that the wind has been quite strong over the last week, and perhaps combined with the direction (straight down the flu?) this is blowing the flame out. Still its probably worth getting an inspection mirror (unless anyone has a handy endoscope) to have a closer look at the mechanism.

I watched the Bourne Supremacy with Karen last night. I really enjoyed it. Others have noted the fight scenes where a little confusing. I personally think the scrappy style is more realistic than the super kung-fu style they could of gone for. The plot made sense to me although I wonder if they are going to be ripe for a sequel or not.