Dum de Run de Dum

Posted on Wed 09 March 2005 in general

This morning punishment for drinking last night was getting up at denial o'clock (somewhere around 7.20) and forcing myself to get changed and run. I only did one lap for my sins, but it was a hard lap. Next time I go for "just the one" I'd better show a little more resolve.

I have a small dilemma sitting in my DVD player at the moment. It seems the world of broadband TV has reversed it usual roles and arrived on the doorstep of the new Doctor Who series. I'm not exactly suffering any moral issues with watching something I've already brought and paid for with my license fee. From the first 10 minutes I saw I think the encode quality it perfectly fine (now I have a DVD player that can handle DivX). So what reasons should I use to wait for the official broadcast date in 3 weeks? In fact even once its official I'd prefer to be able to download it and watch it when I want to rather than be artificially confined to watching it at a specific time and date. The fact that downloading stuff is easier than setting my video recorder/set top box combo may also be playing a role. Come on media, get with the program!