The noise made by the black bird as it moves through the trees

Posted on Sun 13 March 2005 in general

I had an entertaining SoS weekend even though the numbers where down so it was a little quite. I started a new character on a last minute whim to play a bowman again. Although the name is an a appalling pun the character is an attempt at a serious sneaky type Effnaril (our self styled "costume" elves). Given the grace of your typical LRP arrow I was a little concerned about my ability to survive the rather high pointed dungeon, especially seeing as it had been about 2 and half years since I last had used a bow. Luckily I seemed to get through in one piece and had a throughly enjoyable time. I got a number of complements on my kit/makeup which is probably a testament to the amount of spare random kit I have floating about rather than any particular effort I'd made. Hopefully there will be some decent pictures I can post up later if anyone wants to know what I look like carry a long bow while wearing elf ears :-)

My broadband has been upgraded to a shiny 3Mb today. While I was doing so I had to read through NTL's User Policy. Although there are always things you can dislike about these things it was nice to see NTL acknowledge people run servers on their broadband links, even if it is a "you break it, your problem" type clause. It was BT's sudden blocking of incoming SMTP that lead to my jump from ADSL to cable broadband and I have yet to see a good reason to go back.