Signs of things to come

Posted on Mon 21 March 2005 in general

After recovering from the aches and pains of the LARP weekend I decided to watch the George Lucas remake of his student film THX 1138. I wouldn't exactly rate it as an good film, for starters it is far to slowly paced. However it did prove an interesting exercise in spotting visual cues that Lucas would re-use in his later films. For example one of the sequences was very recognisable as the pre-cursor to the Death Star firing sequence. The story is a blend of Brave New World dystopia with shades of 1984's Big Brother. The story follows a similar plot to Logan's Run and ends with THX emerging from the underground city having evaded the authorities by the happy accident of economics. If your curious and want to understand a little more about film making and the evolution of a Director then worth a look, but don't go out of your way to see it unless you want to.

In contrast I got a chance to see BBC Three's Casanova on Sunday evening. Very funny costume drama Rom-Com. Worth the license fee!

EDIT: clarified the films non-student status