The final installment

Posted on Tue 29 March 2005 in general

Have returned from the previously mentioned Marathon 'O LARP, consumed curry, cleaned house a little and watched a rather plot-less distraction on DVD with Jo, Arwel and Andy.

Maelstrom proved to be an entertaining affair. I didn't really approach the weekend with much more of a plan than to survive with slightly more money than I started with. My main activity of running some card games at the Enlightenment Coffee house took 2 days of organising to achieve. Our hosts, a bunch of Hillbilly types by the name of the Artemens, and proscribed gamblin' an illegal activity. As a result I spent most of the time peddling drugs while definitions of games of chance and games of skill were run by the Sheriffs and Magistrates. Although I had already decided to hang back on the drug peddling (being a lot less profitable than the alchemical powders) I found people came to see me for supplies. I guess the miles of trudging I put in the last 3 events paid off :-) Other activities included singing and dancing at the Hootanany as well as testing out my new creations of random passing victims.

A couple of my OOC choices made dealing with damp weather a lot easier. The choice of duvet + 3 season sleeping bag meant I slept well on all 3 nights. The choice of the relatively weaker session beer instead of the usual bottled Real Ales meant hangovers where easily avoided. I also partook of a shower on the Sunday morning and went to bed at sensible times. The result was a much more comfortable event all round. Hopefully I'll still have the motivation for tomorrows morning run.