Box Shaped Enclosures

Posted on Sat 02 April 2005 in general

Todays DIY seems to of gone quite well. Despite a slow start thanks to drinks last night the dismantling of the old unit went without a hitch. All we need to do is clean up the panels and they can be refited on top of the new tray. We had a little trauma locating a tray that was 180mm tall (wanting to avoid any new tilling) and dealing with feet that would not fit due to the hole in the ground for the drainage. Luckily I am becoming adapt at the carpentry technique known as "using batons". I just have to stress test the tray before sealing it to the wall and fitting the drain. I have left the re-assembly of the cabin until tomorrow as I'm pretty sure it will require the presence of my plumber's mate, Andy.

The second episode of Doctor Who was excellent. Any worries people may of had about the production values should be dispelled by the effects tonight. The plot was another single parter and quite face paced, although a few hints of long term plot we dropped. The writers take full liberty of the Doctor's background to explain why some stuff just works without getting too dragged down into techie speak. There is a good mixture of serious dialog, funny jokes and good 'ole Who murder mystery. There are also plenty of classic behind the Sofa moments for the kids. My only criticism if the BBC's desire to foreshadow the next episode during the credits. Its just plain annoying, I see enough of it on American shows and I don't think its needed over here. It would certainly spoil the flow if we ever to get to having some Doctor Who cliffhangers.

Tomorrow brings more work on the Shower and attempting to obtain some Glastonbury tickets.