The Hard Disk is not Big Enough

Posted on Mon 04 April 2005 in general

Due to a number of reasons I'm currently having problems playing my music collection at work. As a result I've switched from a random selection of 22,000 tracks to listening to some 'net radio stations.

When I'm in the coding zone I often like to listen to dance music as decent bouncy music doesn't distract you with too many lyrics. Currently the 3 stations I've been listening to the most are Groove Salad (ambient, very chilled), Digitally Imported (more bouncy trance), and Afterhours DJ's (more of mix, generally a little more ambient the DI). I'm beginning to think buying the laptop off Lee would be a good idea so I can have 'net radio downstairs when I want it.

And finally, I'm going to Glasto! Woo Hoo!