A Little bit of Politics

Posted on Tue 05 April 2005 in general

So El Presidente has finally announced the big day for May the 5th. I'm at a bit of loss who to vote for at the moment. My natural inclination as most people probably know is towards the Torries. I'm happy to see a slowing in the growth of public spending, trying to get more value for money from the record increases our public services have seen. On foreign policy (sans EU) I don't see much difference between the two main parties. As far as Europe is concerned although I'm more pro-european than the front bench I don't actually think the Euro in on the agenda for the next parliament. Getting the proposed constitution rejected may actually make the EU think about how its going to make its institutions more democratically accountable. The recent anti-terror debacle also convinces me (bizarrely) they care more about human rights.

However, the main problem I currently have with the Tories is their insistence on demonising Gypsies and immigrants. These are things I emphatically don't support and I can't see myself supporting the party while they think this is a good idea. This brings me top option 3, the Lib Dems. Although I disagree with the anti-war stance I think they demonstrated they could stick to some clear principles. Their tax policy seems honest and I like their focus on Education. And the bonus is if the Lib Dems made significant progress maybe that will cause a welcome shift in the current two party system.

Of course the whole thing is complicated when I look at last years results. This is the first time I've come against the thorny issue of tactical voting. The best not Labour vote on my constituency in the Tories although I'd prefer the Lib Dems. Its a dilemma. I know for sure I'll be voting on May the 5th, I'm just not sure who for yet.