Grrr Arrrgh!

Posted on Thu 07 April 2005 in general

Things were going so well today until I got accused of re-writing the Song of Steel rules in advance of RulesCom reaching a consensus. This has made un-characteristically grouchy and antagonistic all day. I took the decision to step down from RulesCom because I have been a member of it for far too long and for a change other people want to stand. This is great, but I harbor a secret fear that some people are prone to a) not read the existing rules and b) make stuff up as they go along. Unfortunately I shall be away in Whitby for this years AGM so I won't be able to grill the prospective candidates on the day. I suppose given the disagreements I've had with some people about the problems of a democratically run club I should try and be sanguine and learn to trust the clubs electorate.