Venting is good for the Soul

Posted on Fri 08 April 2005 in general

A whole load of factors made yesterday a bit of a mare apart from the already mentioned SoS stuff. So I took the mature and responsible step of dragging some work colleges to the pub after work to try and ensure at least one aspect of the day wasn't a complete loss. I then bumped into to Andy who was on the way back from the Pagga pub meet and proceeded to vent at him on the way home before settling down to watch the Incredibles. Luckily by the end of the evening when I crawled into bed I was feeling a lot happier.

This morning has been a little frustrating after I rebooted my machine at work to try something out and my X server stopped seeing my second monitor. So I spent most of this morning in console mode until I discovered for some bizarre reason the SuSE kernel doesn't have support for the Matrox cards compiled in by default. A quick recompile and everything was fixed, and as a bonus I fixed up the serial ports so I could sync my Palm Pilot. I must say my experience with SuSE so far has been far from edifying. It makes a bunch silly policy decisions which mean for things like audio and serial ports you have to be a member of certain groups rather than using udev to make them accessible to the current user. I am allowed to put my own favorite distro on my machine if I want to, but I'm holding back for the time being as I seem to be slowly getting comfortable with the current set-up.

Things are looking up though, I've just eaten 3 donuts for lunch and I think the sugar rush is starting to kick in. Plus its Friday, so the weekend is just around the corner :-)