So hungry now

Posted on Sat 09 April 2005 by alex in general

Last night was a pleasant evening down in Knutsford with Mufi, TJ, Marcus and Sue. An animated evening of discussion over crispy duck covering topic as diverse as Shakespear's best plays to DRM and why it is Eviltm (or not, depending on your point of view). There seemed to be some consensus that the people who use DRM'ed stuff didn't worry about price gouging because companies have to price stuff conscious of the fact free stuff is out there. This argument runs along similar lines to the view that Software Piracy is a legitimate market force (which I disagree with, feeling of course open source software is a far more moral market balancer). Of course this doesn't mean the people actually working on breaking DRM or developing P2P software are immune from the legal consequences of keeping the playing field level. Laws are being brought in all the time that are slowly eroding what software I can and can not write. These laws affect me irrespective of if I've ever actually copied something without the owners permission. Its something I wish more people where aware of.