Only slightly sinful

Posted on Sun 10 April 2005 in general

Yesterdays DIY went very well, ably assisted by Jo who helped me choose the lighting and generally fetched and carried as we fitted them to the walls. Next step is getting some shelving sorted and I will have my dining room in working order again.

I forgot to watch or record Doctor Who last night. Luckily the global information cache has it so I'm going to watch after I put up this post :-)

The lead up to Sin City was interesting. I accidently brought a drink for a random nutter who had attached himself to our table. My mistake was confirmed after he started singing and playing the harmonica while running up and down the pub. Much hilarity ensued as we high tailed it out of the pub hoping he wouldn't follow us to the club. Once in the club things started slowly but eventually bumped into some familiar faces and danced away for a couple of hours.I have some memory of conversations involving lactating and a few more surreal moment. However I must of been very tired because by one o'clock I was falling asleep in the corner to the dulcet tones of power noise. I decided to head home at that point leaving the rest ponder going to parties while I slept in my nice warm comfortable bed.