Almost Virtual

Posted on Tue 12 April 2005 by alex in general

I have been geeking tonight. I have mostly been cleaning up my Bitzi Cache patch (temporally on hold as Bitzi seems to spewing bad XML). Simultaneously I have been setting up IPsec so I can access work remotely. I seem to most of the way there although I've had to tweak setup given to me by the administrator to use the latest Gentoo OpenSwan code. My only problem now is starting IPsec adds a bunch of weird default routes to the routing table which breaks networking. As far as I can tell it shouldn't do that, but this is all new stuff to me. It may not help that the remote end may well be down so I'm postponing further testing for tonight. The only thing I need to work out after that is the correct resolv.conffoo so I can access work machines via their short name without screwing up my own internal domains DNS.