My nemesis, we meet at last

Posted on Thu 14 April 2005 by alex in general

Despite last night being a school night the New Company had its launch party for it first pressed CD shipping to a customer. I still suffer from my inability to refuse free beer and last night I was tempted even further into mixing my drinks by the Champagne monkeys. I think I was making up for my rather conservative drinking at Mufi and TJ's wedding where staying sober was actually high on my list. However in a fit of sensibleness I did head home before midnight rather than attempt to keep drinking until 2 (did I mention the bar was still free at this point). I stumbled home, muttered at Andy, (in theory) watched a Futurama episode before collapsing in bed. I had a lie in this morning.

In other news, due to a inexplicable series of events, it transpires I've not eaten any meat since Tuesday lunchtime. Lee thinks I may be ill!