Almost Fully Productive

Posted on Sun 17 April 2005 in general

Being the designated driver at Mufi's birthday do last night meant I got a good nights sleep including dreaming of Skiing. However as I was doing pretty badly I woke up and went for a run instead. I didn't finish by planned distance given my left leg was getting quite tense. I'm not sure why although I should probably check my shoes are both in reasonable shape.

I spent the rest of the day DIY'ing trying to remember some of the carpentry of my school days. The rest of the evening so far has involved watching Sci-Fi. We saw the latest Enterprise which while having several atractive qualities did continue T'Pau and Trip the soap opera. I only hope the rumor Andy told me earlier doesn't pan out. I can see why Jolene Blalock would be pissed given the direction the writers are going.

The Doctor Who episode didn't arrive via its usual means. The Sunday repeat on BBC Three was marginally more convenient. I reckon the sooner the BBC make their programs available to their consumers at times suitable for them the better. Given they started counting legal music downloads this weekend think what it would do to the BBC's ratings if they counted legal torrent downloads. Of course I suppose this is why the BBC need projects like Dirac to succeed. Unfortunately I think DivX is too much of a legal and patent minefield.

I really enjoyed the episode itself. It met my expectations for a Doctor Who episode although with grittier and more up to date writing. I thought the cliffhanger was a little overplayed, but all in glorious Who tradition :-) One tradition I really want them to drop however is the American style "what's on next week" previews. There is absolutely no point showing a cliffhanger and then starting the end credit music and immediately showing a montage of next weeks death defying escape. Some one should write a letter to points of view or something!