Enduring Memories

Posted on Wed 20 April 2005 in general

I went running with Sheila and some of her friends last night. For a change of venue we ran a few laps around Platt Fields. I was quite pleased to finish the 3 laps which worked out at about 8.2km. This is by far the longest run I've done in training so far. It certainly was a lot easier to keep going when your running with someone else as you don't have to keep fighting the lonely mental battle to keep yourself going. I'm going to try doing at least one run of that length a week on the run up to the big day.

I'm going to take a little break in my training for Whitby this weekend. It is a pretty hilly location and I'm sure I'll be burning enough calories in the evenings dancing. I seem to be unusual in the fact that my packing will involve throwing a few sets of clothes into my suitcase tomorrow morning.

And finally the polling cards arrived today. None of my house mates have been disenfranchised which is good. Still no word from one of the candidates which is a shame. I'm not going to vote for a candidate that doesn't bother to at least let people know what he believes in. Come on Lib Dems, you could be losing my vote!