Stop the Press!!

Posted on Fri 29 April 2005 in general

It is 9.00am and I'm in the office at work. "What!" I hear you gasp, "what have you done with the real Alex?". Unfortunately this isn't part of a new working schedule but due to me pulling a muscle in my back while at work yesterday evening. I couldn't find a comfortable position in bed and as a result didn't really get much sleep. After finally admitting defeat and getting out of bed at 6 and having a bath to try and loosen it up I was ready for work by 8. There is a little serendipity though as I'm off to my parents for the weekend so I'll be able to get an early start to Cambridge.


The Lib Dems have obviously been reading my blog and gotten around to dropping of a leaflet. It only covered 3 issues (Iraq, Police/Civil Liberties and Local Income Tax) which was a little light compared to some of the others parties leaflets. The only one that really grabs me is scraping the proposed ID card scheme in favour of more police officers. I'm lukewarm about Local Income Tax because I'll probably be in the 25% who will be worse off compared to Council Tax although I accept its a fairer system. While I accept its valid to bring up Iraq to highlight trust with the current government its not like I needed a lot of convincing, I don't see it being an issue thats going to sway my vote. UKIP have also been by with their offering (with a well designed leaflet according to Andy) but they don't really have anything to offer me on any of the issues.


Following on from a conversation on Wednesday when TJ noted there had been occasions when she was unable to connect to the webmail service. As Mufi pointed out high uptime is of no use if the service isn't available to your users. I did a bit of poking around yesterday and discovered the problem didn't lie with jack but the WRT54G router. Specifically running GTK-Gnutella is obviously pressuring the port forwarding hard enough the router is running out of memory and not able to accept new incoming connections. Hopefully I'll get a chance to re-visit the alternative firmware situation and see how it has moved on since I last looked.