Posted on Mon 02 May 2005 in general

I love visiting my parents. It is so nice to have the opportunity to head back to you roots and just relax. Today's activities have not been excessively taxing but enjoyable none the less. I started by doing a 3 mile run, keeping up (more or less) with the training schedule for the end of the month. The rest of the day was taken up with "Sunday" which as a family consists of reading the papers, having lunch and generally chatting. Its nice to be able to amble over topics as diverse as the efficiency of boilers, the physics of photo multipliers, politics, intellectual property, the use of web cams as cheap telescope imaging sensors, work life balance, detecting pond leaks through the application of maths and music. Most of this has been in the wonderful May weather in my parents garden. To top it all I even had a decadent *two* helpings of my Grandmothers Sache Torte chocolate cake.

The weekend had left me feeling much refreshed and nicely relaxed. All in all a worthwhile way to spend the Bank Holiday Weekend :-D