Monday is never a good day to abstain

Posted on Tue 10 May 2005 by alex in general

I was intending to avoid the traditional post work drinks this evening. This was meant to be the start of my 2 weeks of abstinence for the lead up to Great Manchester Run. In the event the sudden bursting into life of one of my bits of code just before home time gave me sufficient excuse to indulge in a celebratory pint or two. However my fellow drinking conspirators are now sworn to not put temptation in my way for the next fortnight :-)

As a minor form of penance I made myself a fully vegetarian Carbonara. I did experiment and finesse the usual recipe with a little Parmisan in the sauce. The rest of the evening was frittered away on watching Sky's run down of the political sex scandal and seeing if William Shatner was any good in Boston Legal. Tomorrow I eschew TV for the benefits of running around Platt Fields with Sheila.