Naked, in your minds eye....

Posted on Mon 16 May 2005 in general

I took advantage of working from home on Friday so I could get straight off to Maelstrom. Its nice to have the ability to work from home when needed although its not something I plan on doing much. Although I can connect to the work IRC server I still miss the atmosphere of the office. Of course the fact I don't have shiny duel TFT displays at home may also play a part :-)

Getting there, attempted geek workarounds

Despite the benefits of being able to prepare my kit over lunchtime I still managed to forget to pack my sleeping bag and duvet into Andy's car. As I only realised this as we where heading onto the M6 I decided to throw technology at the problem. Unfortunately asking Google to show me where local camping supplies shops where failed due to a combination of the screen on my mobile being too small to usefully read the maps as well as a poor choice of query. Post mortem analysis reveals I should of just asked for what I wanted. Having the post code to the scout site would of also been helpful.

In the end it was the ever present tendency for LARPers to pack more kits than they needed that saved the day. Still interesting exercise in mobile 'net usage.

Having some at the event itself

The event itself was enjoyable if a little more laid back than last time. I didn't get as politically involved as last time although our community is certainly starting to make waves into the rest of the system. I didn't even spend much time hawking my wares although I do seem to of acquired various potions and creams thrown in my general direction. I'm not sure if it was the event being comparatively shorter or the fact the weather (for the most part) was pleasant and congenial to lazing around in the sun/bar.

So nothing much to report from the weekend. I shall be attempting to live the live of a chaste, water drinking hermit for the next week as I prepare for the run this coming weekend. I'm currently feel guilty about the tailing off of my training regime.