Many Threads

Posted on Sat 21 May 2005 by alex in general

I've spent most of the morning trying to properly fix the glibc on my Gentoo system. It appears after much analysis my problems stemmed from the backward compatibility to the old Linux Threads system (TLS). Once I specified nptlonly in my USE flags and rebuilt glibc everything worked fine. I now no longer need to keep the unmanaged tarball around to overwrite emerge's breakage.

I was planning to write some letters to the Inland Revenue today but I've had an attack of the "it can wait for a week day"'s. I think I shall play on the PS2 whilst Carb Loading for the race tomorrow. My wave (white) starts at 10.15 and hopefully I'll be finishing just as the pubs open. I'll have my phone on me after I've finished if anyone wants to join me in a celebratory pint before I go home to get ready for Sheila's birthday bash later in the day.