The rattle and hum of tracks

Posted on Sun 29 May 2005 by alex in general

This weekend has been a pleasant reminder of what public transport can be about.

Friday I left (via a few pints with work) to Daz's leaving do up in Radcliffe. An entertaining night was had by all with me solidifying my plans for visiting New York over Christmas and New Year. Having arranged for several different crashing locations I ended up staying at Daz and Phil's overnight and catching the Metro back in the morning.

I had the opportunity to abuse the driving abilities of one of my house mates on Saturday and get them to drop me off near Platt Fields to catch up with Chris for his birthday. After an appropriate amount of chilling in a rather windy park I headed on up to the Student's Union for the Ozric Tentacles gig. I enjoyed the gig a lot. The Ozric's is one of those bands I can't listen to at the PC as their music is too "busy". However as a live band they are very cool. I did have to step out of the venue once or twice for fresh air however ;-O By the end of the gig I was too tired to make it to Sin City so I headed home by tram.

Today has mainly involved getting to Bolton (again not driving myself), eating food and getting a little bit of local history. Fluff's birthday Ghost Tour basically didn't involve anything more taxing than sitting and listening and a short jaunt around the pub and its cellar. Having passed on eating even more food I got the train back to Manchester and made my way home.

Thanks to the nice weather and the lack of people I was able to chill out on the journey back. Its nice to kick back on a train and watch the landscape go by without having to worry about paying attention to the road. It gives me and enormous sense of well being. Maybe I should go and feed some pigeons ;-)