And stretch...

Posted on Fri 03 June 2005 by alex in general

I went to my first Yoga class last night. It was quite hard trying to maintain position whilst trying to watch the instructor and figure out what I was meant to be doing. Not nearly as hard as trying to maintain my gaze point however :-). At the end of the session I certainly felt very relaxed as well as stretched out. I'll be going again.

I feel I possibly negated any positive karma by spending the rest of the evening writing letters to the Inland Revenue, but these things have to be done. Still the weekend looks as though it will be fun, anyone else coming to the Stockport Beer Festival? I think Mark is planning some sort of evening session back in Manchester after lunch and beers. It seems the train is the best way to travel to and from Stockport.

And finally, I just had to link to this.