Next Clone Please

Posted on Mon 06 June 2005 in general

Paranoia seemed to go quite well. Due to the pressures of attending beer festivals and other distracting activities I didn't get much of a chance to review the adventures I was going to run. I managed to get through the first two segments with a passing nod to the plot and applying liberal interpretation to the rules. However by the third segment (about 4 hours into the game) the red wine was starting to take its toll and I came to a shuddering stop as my Troubleshooters solved the white corridor problem. More preparation next time I think. I should probably also try to stick to one set of rules at a time. However the players seemed to enjoy it.

The rest of the evening was taken up with Doctor Who and random crap TV. Sheila popped in to visit which was enjoyable. She joined forces with Karen to torture Lee who was fading in and out of consciousness for the rest of the evening. I eventually crawled into bed with thoughts of some sort of detox plan for the next week.