Bleep you, bleeping bleep bleep

Posted on Wed 08 June 2005 in general

I was planning to go for a run last night after work. In the end due to the Metro being so rammed I missed my stop and walked back along the canal in the sunshine. It was a nice walk of a couple of miles so it counts as exercise.

Instead of listening to my usual station on my handy radio I thought I'd check out what the kids are listening to. I enjoyed bouncing along to the Ying Yang Twins and "Wait (The Whisper Song)" so much I thought I'd check them out when I got home. Unfortunately I didn't like the album version of the track nearly as much as the Radio Edit. The song takes on a whole different flavour when the suggestive samples are replaced by copious references to dick, pussy and bitchin' hoe's. Now I'm not exactly a prude and I don't think you should censor songs. However compared to my childhood and those classic "Explicit Lyrics" artists I still thought it was just gratuitous swearing for the sake of selling records. And thats before I get started on the heavily misogynistic tone that made me distinctly uncomfortable while listening to the track.

I shall now retreat to a corner and suck me teeth whilst bemoaning the youth of today...