Got my murderin' knife

Posted on Mon 13 June 2005 in general

Got back from an entertaining weekend at Wilderness Farm with SoS. I played the pun-tastic Rustle Crow with the new arrows I got at Maelstrom. Me and Fart twined up as some of the most effective scouts ever, especially handy as I only drew my sword once over the entire adventure. I would of also kept a clean sheet for getting hit accept I got caught out in the final Zombie swarm.

The new arrows certainly made a difference. The new tear-drop design heads give it a much improved range as well as altering the flight dynamics to be less like those of a brick. Although I only lost one arrow over the weekend I think I shall pick up some more at the next Maelstrom as I was easily getting through all 7 arrows in one encounter. I'm not sure if this is because I was doing a good impression of Legolas or just monsters not wanting to get too close to me while I pointed a loaded bow at them. We shall see if I can keep up the form next month :-)