Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Posted on Fri 01 July 2005 in general

Amongst the easier parts of yesterdays proceedings was identifying the leak that has made my kitchen wall wet. It looks as though the overflow pipe on the upstairs toilet is right on the cusp of the fill level. I assume this has been the case for a while as the wetness seems less from a leak and more from the effect of drips travelling back along the overflow pipe. Looking at the wall its seems that part of it has more moss like growth on it which I assume means it has always been a little wet.

While on the subject of leaks I also (re?)discovered the workaround for the dripping shower. It seems turning off the mains and then turning the shower on and off fixes the drip. Unfortunately once the shower is run again with the power on it drips again. I'm unsure as to how I'm going to fix that because it doesn't seem there would be an obvious thing* to tighten.

However the apparently simple step of getting the battery out of my car to charge defeated me last night. I'm not sure if the bonnet release requires power or its just it has just been closed funny. I didn't want to force it in case I damage it but it looks as though I'll need a mechanic.

*thing, thats a technical term ;-)