Semi-productive domesticity

Posted on Mon 04 July 2005 in general

Forgetting Live-8 and Katy's housewarming was on led to a very compressed Saturday in which my main achievement was fixing the dishwasher. Thanks to Andy's AA membership we also managed to get my car jump started which was a relief. I now have to take it for a drive at least once a week so I don't find myself in that position again.

Sunday was only moderately more successful although I did manage to clean the Bathroom and Living Room. Magically whatever weird oil composite the AA guy had sprayed into the bonnet mechanism seemed to of shifted the problem. As a result I spent the afternoon washing my car! I think "free" weekends are more of a curse than the busy ones. I seem to achieve a lot more when I have less time.

A quick side note. Cool targeting at 80 million miles range and Glasto Pics!.