Mild Protests

Posted on Mon 18 July 2005 by alex in general

Today my muscles are offering a mild protest at the amount of exercise they had over the weekend. However its only a mild protest and its heartening to know I can successfully play a scout, a character class that I would of ruled out 5 years ago due to being so terribly unfit.

The weekend also brought home the fact that if I can be bothered to get of my arse and get my contacts in I far prefer "monstering" than reffing. While most of my characters tend to avoid close combat for survival reasons no such bars exist when playing monsters which is a lot of fun. I also came to the realisation that LARPing in nice weather is so much easier than the cold and rain. I suspect I may become more of a fair weather larper over the next few years. Of course I'm still planning on doing Viking in December as there is a lot to be said for catered events after running around in the cold. With global warming the way it is I suspect its going to be the months of January, February and maybe March that suffer.