Posted on Tue 19 July 2005 in general

I wondered where I was going to get my Sci-Fi fix from now that Doctor Who is over until Christmas and Enterprise has flown it last mission. Luckily the new season of Battlestar Gallactica is upon us. Despite it being late on a school night I was unable to wait until today to watch the first episode of season 2.

The first episode leads, as you would expect, straight on from the cliffhanger at the end of season one. I quite like the continuing exploration of the meta-physics of Cylons and Humans. It adds a lot intense drama when the Cylons interact with the humans on an emotional level which you never got with the old series where they where just evil robots.

I was glad the writers resisted the "Trek" temptation to reset everything to fine by the end of the episode. The plot looks as though it will continue to develop in the complex intertwining way it did during season 1. There was a continuation of character development as some of the back story of some of the characters was hinted at. There was a little bit of angsty loss thrown in, but not so distracting and it provided a nice counterpoint to the main theme of the episode.

All in all I give the first episode top marks. I look forward to the rest of the season as and when it arrives.