Events and Parties, Oh My!

Posted on Sat 23 July 2005 in general

Friday evening held a few surprises including bumping into Christopher Eccleston who was having a pint at the pub round the corner from work. After some badgering from my work colleges I worked up the courage to ask for an autograph. I apologised profusely for interrupting his evening and thanked him for the good job he did as the Doctor. Hopefully I didn't come across as total fan boy.

I then proceeded down to Rusholme, picked up a Camel One Kebab and headed round to Jenny's house warming party. It was a most entertaining evening and it was nice to see Jenny again as well as meet her new house mate. Time seemed to pass by very quickly before Me and Lee headed off to Ara to catch up with Karen.

Ara was a little bizarre as I was feeling a little under dressed in my green combats and Great Manchester Run T-Shirt. Of course it did mean I stuck out which could be seen as an act of post-goth irony. Although things took a turn for the wielder when a very hug obsessed Sam turned up. We bobbed in and out of the church for a while, finally finishing off with a swaying on the floor to a James' "Sit Down". Yes, yesterday was odd.

Today's task has been all about trying to get the toilet flush sorted. However the combination of rusted screws and un-stocked seals have made the task one of epic proportions. I think I'm done now, I'm just giving the silicon sealant a bit of time to dry off before I turn the water back on and start getting ready for Paula's birthday party tonight.