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Posted on Mon 25 July 2005 in general

Yesterday was mainly spent dealing with the aftermath of Paula's rather excellent party. Unfortunately my plans to crash in a stupor on the couch and gibber at the TV until going to bed where slightly derailed by emergency plumbing work.

Although Saturday's main plumbing work seems leak free the slight movement of the pan in relation to the wall had induced a stress leak on the flush feed. A quick trip to B&Q and a stocking up on a selection of compression joints (I'm aiming to have a selection of spare parts in the house for emergencies) and I was able to redo the feed pipe. I briefly toyed with the idea of doing soldered joints (which I'm more experienced with) before deciding to stick with non-flammable plumbing for the day.

Once that was out of the way I did get some [STRIKEOUT:sleeping]vegging time in front of the TV. We watched the original Manchurian Candidate which was a good film, although it does seem 1950's women just will quite happily dump their fiancee's for obviously psychologically scared war veterans. We followed with the start of the new season of Six Feet Under which was rather good too. I then went to bed and for a change had no problems in getting to sleep :-)

p.s. mini-meme. Do a Google Image Search for your name and post the top image.