The Earl of Montrose, and his merry men

Posted on Tue 02 August 2005 in general

The weekend was one of new experiences, from the use of the hot drink holder in my car to firing off cannon.

I was enlisted into the Earl of Nothampton's Regiment of Foote after attending the regimental dinner earlier this year. Since then I've been trying to find a spare weekend to go along and actually take part in some re-enactment. Last Friday I finally headed of to Castle Fraser for a weekend of muskets and beer.

The drive was a rather unremarkable 6 hours of me looking out for mountains (which I didn't see) and speed cameras (of which there where a fair few). Once I arrived camped up with Bu and Mel and the rest of the regiment. A quick costume check revealed my large green coat is perfect for the regiment so I only needed to borrow some britches and a hat. The re-enactments are fun involving burning large amounts of black powder combined with a fair amount of marching. I'm planning on getting my shotgun license sorted out so I can draw powder and actually fire next time.

In terms of effort its quite an easy weekend. We were only marching about for about 4-5 hours of the day leaving the rest of the time for sitting round the camp fire, drinking beer and singing songs. The people I met where all really friendly and easy to get along with. All in all a very nice weekend which I'll hopefully get to repeat in a more local setting in September at Chirk Castle.